Day 6 - The winner is France.

2024 Desenzano FISU World University Championship Sailing
The world title goes to France; Italia 2 finishes second ahead of Singapore. Closing in style in Desenzano where, during the last day, three races were held with Peler at 8 knots

Desenzano del Garda, 9 June 2024 – The French crew is the new world champion of university sailing: a verdict that comes from Desenzano where today, on the occasion of the final day of this event organized by Fraglia Vela Desenzano in collaboration with FISU , the wind, absent in the previous days, was not lacking.

In fact, from an early hour, a Peler blew which came close to double figures, settling at 8-9 knots, useful for completing the final series with the dispute of three races. Focusing on a conservative tactic, aimed at rewarding the regularity of placings, team France (skipper Ange Delerce, Julio D’Amodio, Julienne Bunel, Lou Anne Morin, Elis Chiappori, Ilvester De Guili Morghen) quickly put Alec’s Canada 2 in its wake Coleman, another great protagonist of this event who disappeared at the very end, finishing off the podium by just one point.

Once the head-to-head with the Canadians was resolved, France had to keep up with a good comeback attempt by Singapore, which still earned the Asian team the bronze, finishing on equal points with Alfonso Palumbo’s Italy 2, who came second later compared to partials.

Completing the top five were Canada 2 and Italy 1 by Alessandro Archetti, who finished his participation just two points away from silver.

The 2024 Desenzano FISU World University Sailing Championship officially closed with the award ceremony, which took place in Piazza Archetti and was attended by representatives of the institutions and authorities. Among these the mayor of Desenzano, Guido Mal winter, who after thanking the participants and inviting them to return, had the honor of officially closing the event; Agnes Ancic-Valkai, member of the FISU executive committee, who complimented the quality of the organization, and Stefano Loda, president of Fraglia Vela Desenzano.

“It was a busy week for our staff and the irreplaceable volunteers: we were faced with the organization of a large international event: we are very satisfied with how we managed it and the joy we saw on the faces of the participants. Events with an international scope of this kind they are very important, because they help the growth of the club, putting it before new challenges, and convey images of the territory in every corner of the planet. I thank FISU, FIV, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Desenzano and Visit Brescia for supporting us on this beautiful journey” commented Stefano Loda, president of Fraglia Vela Desenzano.