Dolphin 81: the perfect monotype

The racing fleet

Welcome to our section dedicated to racing boats, here you will find everything you need to know about these extraordinary boats designed for high-level sailing competitions.

Dolphin 81 are the result of years of research, innovation and passion for sailing. They are designed to offer exceptional performance, agility and control in all conditions.

These boats have been carefully designed for maximum performance and are the preferred choice of many professional sailors.

The Wind

The Lake is swept by high-altitude mountain winds that can be quite intense. There are two major winds: the “Pelér” blows from north to south in the morning when the tepid air of the lake rises and gets air from the Valle del Sarca; while the “Ora” blows from the south in the afternoon: it is a lake wind that moves the cool air to the mountains that are warmed up by the daily sunlight. Many other secondary winds accompany these two: the powerful “Balì’’ or “Balinot” that blows from Passo Ballino above Riva; the “Vinessa” that comes from east and is considered an extension of the “Bora” of Trieste; the “Ander” from the north; the “Gardesana”, a chilly and strong breeze that mitigates the summer heat; the “Ponale” that comes from the Valle di Ledro, from the west, and that blows in the evening or at night – sometimes even in the morning. Several other breezes take on different names depending on the area.