Presentation of the Desenzano 2024 Logo

In the heart of the picturesque shores of Lake Garda, Fraglia Vela Desenzano is about to once again raise the sails of enthusiasm, heralding a new era of competition and passion. The internationally renowned event, Desenzano 2024, which will host the FISU World University Sailing Championship, has proudly revealed its new logo. This symbol, more than a simple brand, embodies the soul of Desenzano and the energy of the sporting event.

An Expression of Identity and Ambition:
The heart of the new Desenzano 2024 logo is the “D” for Desenzano, a well-known icon representing community pride and the city’s nautical heritage. Inside this stylized D, the sail of a boat emerges majestically, ready to rise with the Garda wind. This central element of the logo embodies the strength, determination and passion of the university sailors who will battle on the waters of the lake to win the title of world champions.